Delta Lei

IMAGES: Federico Vandone Dell’Acqua

ILLUSTRATION: Unchale Khakkhana

RIDERS: Virginia Cancellieri / Hannah Raymond / Beatrice Lischi

LOCATION: Finale Ligure – Italy

The STRATOS glasses.
Every victory starts from a vision.
Simply stratospheric.

Enhances the contrast on cold tones in extremely bright conditions.

We have always approached cycling with a deep respect to the dedication and a passion driven by performance. It unifies a diverse, evolving community connected by shared experiences, story telling and life’s grand adventures.

A group of friends pedal hard, against all elements, an unstoppable force floating the coastline. Break. Unclip, deep breaths of fresh salty air, feel the sand between the toes… We treasure these rituals and significant moments, then together we help each other overcome the most difficult ones.

“It’s very exciting to work with our female athletes. They demand the very best, but in return they put their heart into everything they do. Strong and punctual, they listen, observe and give you the right feedback to improve. With this collection we want to give voice to their ambition.”

– Alba Optics design department

About the design

We took the DELTA frame and painted it in a stunning subtle metallic iridescent hue. A precious new gem. The lens has been completely redesigned adapting to the shapes and sizes of a smaller facial structure. This has allowed us to produce lighter glasses with a tailored fit, that maintain the same performance characteristics such as internal ventilation, visual coverage and eye protection.

Wherever you are, whatever your story
share your moments with us.


The vertical slot at the centre of the lens allows optimal ventilation of the upper internal space, helping to eliminate condensation and fogging.


Each rod is fixed to the lens by way of a simple locking system. This allows the wearer to easily change the lens without the assistance of a specialist optician.


To ensure a custom fit, the telescopic temple tip pole adjusts to 4 different positions. Thanks to the stroke limit, the pole remains firmly fixed at all times.

A – 142 / B – 32 / C – 60 / D – 120
(size in mm)

Frame: Tr90
Frame weight: 10 gr
Lens weight: 14 gr
Asian fit available
VZUM™ Lens

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