Panforte bar

CHEF: Alessandro Scaccia

WORDS and IMAGES: Giulia Boccola

PREPARATION TIME: 20 minutes + rest of 6 hours in the fridge

This is a delicious recipe with the typical taste of the famous Tuscan sweet. Here the dried fruit is the protagonist and it represents a real energy guarantee. Without any cooking method, it is very simple in execution.

Ingredients for 8 bars

—  100 gr of toasted hazelnuts
—  50 gr of flaked almonds
—  150 gr of dates
—  50 gr of dried figs
—  100 gr of raisins
—  1 cc of cinnamon
—  1 cc cardamom
—  2 CC of cocoa powder


The preparation is simple, fast and extremely practical. First of all, get a blender that will help you to crumble all the ingredients until to obtain an homogeneous compound (1). Then take the dates, dried figs, rasins, almonds, about a half of the hazelnuts and put them inside your blender. Then add the cinnamon and cocoa and gently grate the cardamom (if you don’t already find it in powder). Mix for about a couple of minutes at the maximum blender power until the mixture is uniform and dark in colour, then transfer it into a bowl (2). Then roughly cut the remaining hazelnuts with knife and mix them with the other ingredients by using a spoon (3). Once the mixture is ready, transfer it into a rectangular bowl covered with baking paper, roll it out and press it well (4). It is now ready to rest, so leave it in the fridge for one night or at least 6 hours (5).
Once it has reached the correct solidity, remove the mixture from the bowl and cut it into the shape you desire (6). Following this simple procedure, you will obtain about 8 bars that we recommend you to pack using simple baking paper. In this way you can stock up for a whole week.

Ps: another thing you can do with this compound are some fun and practical power balls that you can eat more frequently when you are pedaling. Being smaller, they help digestion more during activity!  







The Chef

From the Alessandro Scaccia creative flair, a young Italian chef with behind many important work experiences in some of the most renowned restaurants in the world, were born some of the recipes that we decided to share with the two wheels lovers and bikepacking trips.
With an Italian nationality and a Swiss residence, Alessandro showed us how to make some simple but delicious recipes to be tasted during long bike trips. His love for cooking, food, travel and especially for the two wheels, pushed him to create preparations that were suitable for the long days spent on saddle. This deep connection with nature has led him to explore and appreciate more and more the land products, until he embraces a new 100% plant-based project where the will to research and recover the culinary traditions, strongly rooted in the territory products, is inherent.
Creativity and curiosity are at the base of his work.

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