In collaboration with James Poole and Like the Wind magazine, the Meet Alba – VIBE Run is an easy 6km, the perfect warm up to a weekend of elite racing.

Participation includes:
• albaoptics welcome bag*
• pre-run coffee and post-run beers
• test sunglasses
• chance to win a new pair of the DELTA VIBE VZUM™ PLASMA.

Thu 31 Aug

Start at 10.30 am

77 Place Edmond Desailloud


Q. What time does the event take place?
A. From 10am – 12pm. The running group will depart from Bighorn Bistrot, Chamonix at approximately 10.30am. Returning to the same location around midday/12pm for post-run beers.

Q. Is the event free to participate?
A. Yes! Participation is free, but we encourage you to register so we have a better idea of numbers.

Q. Is there somewhere safe to leave a bag at the start/finish location?
A. Yes! Members of the Alba Optics team will remain at Bighorn Bistrot, they will ID/tag any personal items you don’t want to carry and store them securely throughout the duration of the run.

Q. Is the run exclusive to Alba Optics customers?
A. No! The VIBE Run is open to all. Our goal is to connect like-minded folk and celebrate our love of community, sports and nature. We will have a selection of our sports performance sunglasses available for participants to test on the run.

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