RIDER: Luca Di Maggio

VIDEO: Davide Garieri

WORDS: Francesco Ricci

LOCATION: Laghi di Cancano – Bormio (SO) – Italy

A long ride: from Sondrio to the Cancano lakes.
The head, with knees rising to the chest and falling to the road, is filled with images that are intertwined with memories.
Oh yes, it would be nice that memories, that memory, would cancel out the time of explosions, of conflicts, of noise and replace it with illusions, in a more intimate topography in which social justice and fraternity is made to dance the same dance.

Yes, riding on the roads that go up the river add to my source. It is nice to imagine a simpler, less twisted and selfish world: more respectful of nature. Yes, the image is a fleeting moment, which borders on eternity. There is no clamor in its appearance. There is limbo, suspension, amazement.

The fixity of life caught in a fraction of a second is immune to any interference. That moment of life ripped from the emotion of the pedal, in its lightness, is dispersed among the waves that fluctuate between hell and paradise and, there, it remains forever. Sweating and traveling, with my well-equipped bike, I fill myself with images.

“Anvma is freedom.
The freedom to live life as you want it to live it.
This is anvma”

— Luca Di Maggio

I drink them from the water bottle, put them on with the cape, and swallow them bar after bar. However, the images are not made of a substance that can draw boundaries, define themes and objects, draw maps, set limits, or condense small amounts of reality. The images are made of intensity that suddenly animates any environment: art; religion; poetry; desire, love. Their intensity resembles the wind, the clouds that run in the sky, the storms that can in an instant destroy the place where the image was generated and project it where it is. More places.
They are endless.

Yeah, pedaling free from constraints, discovering what we are, what we breathe, what we imagine to be unique. And if someone overtakes you, well, you feel hurried…but is there any need? The Cancano artificial basin. Further on, the Rhaetian Alps, and from there, the Stelvio pass. And then, the Bernina archipelago and the glaciers that are dying out.

Yes, life in the saddle still has purpose. Let yourself be friends and cyclists: the dream of freedom is always a beautiful dream.

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