At the 13th mile of our journey we find Max, a 31 years old guy from Rome relocated to Milan. When the weather allows it, he’s out running. – I do it because it makes me feel good – he explains. It’s 5.30 in the morning and it’s dawning when we meet in a ghost city.
This is his story.

Just about a year ago and 20 more kilos on his knees, tired of a hectic life, Max realised how running made him feel better both physically and mentally, that’s when he started to train regularly. It all began one late autumn morning, facing all weather conditions day after day. At first, every step he took was an achievement, he could feel his body waking up after a very long break and becoming stronger and stronger after every training session.
Getting the habit of training proved to be very hard at the beginning and yet now he couldn’t live without it.
What running means for Max is reaching a state of peace of mind and that’s the best he could ask for in life, as wise men say “Mens sana in corpore sano”, a healthy mind in a healthy body.
So he decided that his regular training wouldn’t become just a good habit, but instead a life style, an intimate moment, a luxury he could afford without ever letting it become a duty.

In his daily life Max organizes competitions: running competitions. After five years spent making other people run, he decided to follow their example, joining thousands of people who changed their lifestyle through sport.
Everyday he works closely with No Profit Organizations in order to raise money for charity through sport events. Through the years he’s had the opportunity to come across poverty, seclusion, illness, both physical and mental, all conditions of human pain where sport and running in particular can play an important role to make people less lonely, to give hope and strength to keep on fighting in life, to bring a smile back on the faces of people that had long lost it.

“I couldn’t live without running today. Running shoes and love for life. A new day has come, the sun shines at the horizon and everything comes to life. I feel the wind against my face and the adrenalin rising. That’s how I start my day, once again, everyday stronger, everyday more alive”

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