Hello Stan, we know you as SNOBICI, but who is really behind this account?
Stan Koolen, 30 years old, 2 year old son, working as professional photographer (mostly interior) for several Dutch and International magazines.
Started cycling 4 year ago, first and still on an mountainbike during winter, seeking for adrenaline and some time later on a roadbike aswell. Developed a passion for cycling since then.
I used to play baseball on a okay level, but was tired of the game after a surgery on my shoulder and double hernia some time later. As well as spending so much time on the field while friends already had stopped playing ball or were doing other things. With a singletrack pretty much in my backyard and me looking for some adrenaline and training, mountainbiking was the prefect outcome. A couple months later during summer I was riding on the road as well. I got hooked on cycling.

How SNOBICI is born, how much it engages you every day?
It started before there was SNOBICI, I noticed so many billbaord like team kits on the road or pretty much everybody riding with the same brands. Those brands available at your local bike shop (not always providing the nicer, good looking kits). So I got into this and searched the web for the good looking, quality stuff and wrote it all done to make list. Later on I discovered that Instagram was a great source for inspiration and great app to find the cool stuff. That was the moment I started SNOBICI on instagram, that’s actualy 2 years from now. The first year i didn’t do really much with it but I was growing really fast and viewers and brands really liked what I was doing. There were a couple more guys doing kind of the same, but not on a way I was doing it. I choose to stay within in a certain style and only highlight the cycling stuff that I liked and were worth to mention. I’m pretty much all day on my phone, if not working, talking to people and brands trying to make SNOBICI better and intresting, sharing the latest realeses and trends worth checking out. Also beeing a great platform for brands to reach a certain target more directly.

How is the bike panorama in your city?
In the Netherlands you grow up with cycling, everybody from a age 2 – 80 has at least one bike. It’s a small and flat country so a bike is a great way for transporation.
I think every city or small village in the Netherlands has its own cycling clubs. Mostly clubs for the competetive cyclist or the old days clubs. And the local coffee shop groups, mostly friends starting or ending their ride a the local coffee, shop mostly men between the age of 20-40. I live in a small village in the South of the Netherlands, close to a bigger city. So I occasionally ride with one of these groups mentioned before. From my home I have the oppertunity to go ride in every direction I want, and sometimes we decide to cross the border to ride in Belgium, the border is only 20km away. The roads there are a big difference with the roads back home in the Netherlands, it makes your ride a lit bit more challenging. The local coffee shop groups are more into SNOBICI though.

What are your favorite cyclists of today and of the past?
Of course I’m more in style than performance. But I love to look at pictures from Fausto Coppi, his sunglasses his hair naturally flowing, the crowd gathering around him it’s a pleasure to sit back and just go through all those old pictures. If i’m I looking at cyclist of today, it’s fun to watch Taylor Phinney, he’s different in every word, the way he talks, the way he looks, the way he makes journalist feel uncomfortable, and the best part is he really doesn’t care, He’s wearing a teamkit most of the time, but i’m sure he would look good on the bike in his own prefered kit, real #snobici. And ofcourse Sagan, he’s the hero of cycling at the moment for kids and others. It’s fun to watch him, he’s funny, looks funny sometimes, does strange things, can ride, what more do want for the sport.

Have you mentioned an online version of SNOBICI, can you tell us something more?
I’m planning to launch a SNOBICI website soon, a website where you will find the latest and greatest in cycling fashion. New releases, reviews and photography.
I’m still working on it and it still needs a lot of time.


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